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Well, there you have it. This good-looking 61- year-old the surgery her doctor wanted to conduct was eliminated by female. He was a wonder that you don't usually see: a surgeon who consistently advises against surgery. You'll get the full details in my new Exclusive Survey about this doctoris treatment options, German Cancer Breakthrough: Helpful Tips to Leading German Clinics. In German Breakthrough: A Guide to Leading German Option Hospitals I completely explain as you sleep, how cancer is correctly cook”ed by the German doctors from the body. One-of the sufferers of Dr. Busch was a 43-yearold lady having a critical case of sarcoma of the face. Heat remedy doesn't fit with the American medical establishment's style of slice-burn-poison” for treatment.

And sadly, the American medical colleges are beneath the companies' thumb. In Cancer Development: A Guide to Leading German Choice Centers I illustrate the straightforward, recommends Medical Breakthrough easy, at home tricks that German doctors advocate to help cancer-proof your body. The doctor could be the surgeon you were told by me about who repeatedly suggests against cancer surgery.

I called the Reagan Selection to see when the Library deny or would validate that Nieper addressed President Reagan in May of 1985. She mentioned that Reagan was in Belgium in-May of 1985, but she would neither affirm or reject that he was addressed by Nieper. I was told by her, President Reaganis personal medical documents before, during, and after his presidency are unavailable.” In September of 1985 Nieper flew to America to attend in his clinic healing room to Reagan, accordingto my origin.