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Whether you planning for a special corprate or individual event or are firing a professional industrial photography video or film output in Brooklyn Nyc NYC, LightSpace Companies makes things easy. Columbia Photo Business is found on a single stop as Stereo City Music Hall, simply ways far from Patrick 's Cathedral, on 51st Street between fifth and 6th Ways, in Center. Same day retouched photographs, corporate headshots and event photography. Your providers also include same-day photography gifting and custom framing not forgetting enhancements and electronic photo processing. The business has plenty of pure lighting,1000 Sq ft of space that is firing and comes equipped with profoto lighting. Your Photograph facility is situated in Brooklyn, and is quite simple to gain access to by automobile or train.

With water sights and incomparable location, Canoe is an excellent spot for almost any event or image/video shoot. In-tune using the burgeoning neighborhood property is called by it, it offers two modern business spots which have managed gatherings and limbs of sizes and all shapes. We can be counted on by you to get 2400w / s with 2 heads, H- Stands and set stands, A-Clamps, Soft container, Umbrellas, as well as other photography gear that is contemporary. Each business also have a 500 sq foot firing at region with excellent natural illumination and is 1200 sqft with 12 ft high roofs.

Professional photography facility with large wall to wall windows facing East & South (6 each facet) for ample natural illumination. SoHo/Nolita Qualified photo facility with substantial wall to wall windows facing East & South (6 each facet) for sufficient natural lighting. Multi level townhouse in West Community readily available for events, movie shoots, Photo studio new york and photo shoots. Groundfloor facility has toilet, and distinct access, kitchen, plus efficiency period set up & DJ booth. Mild-Place Photo Studio Fully functional attic photograph business forrent stuffed with Cyc that is large and superb normal light.